Kotagiri is a beautiful and quiet town in the Nilgiris. Situated at a height of 6511 feet above mean sea level, Kotagiri is lush with manicured tea gardens and warmer than Ooty. The serenity and climate make this town a fine health resort.

In the past, Kotagiri was known as ‘Kota-Keri’ or Kota-gherry, the street (or line of homes) of the Kotas, the original inhabitants of this area. The local Kota people have a settlement and a temple here. The annual temple festival which takes place on the ‘Arudra Darshan’ day is of great importance to the Kotas of the district.

Attractions: Catherine waterfalls, Kodanadu viewpoint for panoramic view of the plains, Rangasamy pillar and peak which is an extraordinary isolated rocky pillar rising in solitary grandeur to a height of 400 feet with sheer sides and the logwood shola – a dense forest. Visit the spa in Kotagiri for complete relaxation and ayurvedic massages. Kotagiri is a great place to just unwind from your routine, observe life in a small town, go on long walks or write a book!

Shopping: Tea, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, essential oils like eucalyptus and the oil of wintergreen.

Accessibility: Easily accessible from Ooty (30 km,) Mysore or Coimbatore (64 km) by road. The nearest airports are Bangalore and Coimbatore and the nearest railway station is Coimbatore.

Best time to visit: Through the year, with September – March being the best to avoid the monsoon rains.