The home of Olympic Games, where every stone have a story to tell, every inch has its own history. Mesmerising architecture and ancient art. GREECE can be anybody’s dream destination.
Greece is home to the first advanced civilizations in Europe and is considered as the birthplace of Western civilization. It is a country in Southern Europe.
Greece has everything to offer to the tourist of different taste, lovely architecture, world heritage sights, sculptors, Blue coasts , winter wonders, winter destinations , Islands . In the recent time it has immerged as a popular destination for honeymoon and destination weddings. Its beautiful landscape has attracted many movie makers to fix their lenses here.

Attraction: Temple of Apollo Epicurius in 1986 , Medieval city of Rhodes , Archaeological site of Mystras , Archaeological site of Olympia , Old Town of Corfu are some of the famous UNESCO sites.
Pilion , Chánia, Tsagaráda offers best location for winter or ice sports like snowboarding and ski
Greece has some beautiful island like – Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, distinguished by its rich nature, as well as, wonderful attractions , Evia is the second biggest island of Greece and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. Despite its tourism, Evia’s charm remains intact, enchanting the senses. Chalkida , Crete , Rethymno are the other beautiful island full of nature’s charm and lots of activities for grownups as well as for children . Greece also offers beautiful trekking trails as well like Gortsia – Petrostrouga – Plateau of the Muses and Plateau of the Muses – Peaks.

Shopping : Souvenirs , Art and crafts , books , lots of interesting things
How to reach: It is well connected to all international airports. Eurail is also a good option to reach and explore Greece.

Best time to Visit: April to September weather remains pleasant but for winter sports best time is November to March